As an inner anthropologist, a term I made up, I see myself as someone who excavates inner psychological and spiritual responses to life along with deep learning and appreciation of people of different cultures.  I have done extensive world travel and find my excitement has not diminished over the years with the prospect  of visiting a new country and people. I agree with the travel writer, Pico Iyer, “We travel, initially to lose ourselves; and we travel next to find ourselves.” I am interested in using this blog to share the richness of my travels inward and outward.

Bio for Laurie Schur

20160612_untitled_0031I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Documentary Filmmaker. I started out my career at the Veteran’s Hospital in the San Fernando Valley and worked on a psychiatric unit with veteran’s and their families. After 6 years at the VA, I went into private practice for 30+ years where I worked with individuals, couples and families. With an interest in doing something “differently creative” than psychotherapy, I studied and interned in documentary film sometime around 2002. My documentary project is entitled, “The Beauty of Aging.”  We filmed 7 women over the age of 80 who were doing well in life and could show us how to stay engaged in living despite life’s challenges. We created one 35-minute short called “Greedy for Life”, 5 minute films on all the women, and a 6 minute film on Hedda. All of this footage is now free to be viewed on the website:  The Beauty of Aging Documentary Project

I am happily married (second time) for almost 34 years to my high school boyfriend, Michael. I am blessed with  loving relationships with my children and grandchildren (4), all of whom live nearby and with whom I get the fun of spending quality time. I do volunteer work with international high school students (Youth for Understanding), love to dance, and dabble in piano and writing when I’m not traveling.



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